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The Top 10 Reasons To Hire PUSH For Promotional Models And Event Staffing

We realize that there are many choices out there when you are choosing a promotional model staffing agency for your next trade show, event or marketing campaign.  One company seems to be just like the next, with little differentiation from their competitors or information about what they offer beyond the “status quo” of the industry.
In fact, most companies staffing events today ARE just like each other, right down to using the exact same promotional models in each city.  So you need to ask yourself, what else am I looking for from an event staffing company?  What do they bring to the table besides the exact same promotional models I can book elsewhere?  Do they offer anything else to help me promote and expose my brand?  Do they protect me and offer me a guarantee that my event or campaign will achieve the objectives it needs to?  Do they have the experience to execute ANYTHING we throw at them, or do their abilities end with a phone call or email to the models we select?
We are glad you’re asking those kind of questions, because then you are OUR kind of client and you are looking for the kind of skills, talent, training and top notch customer service that we bring to the table….So here are the top 10 reasons why PUSH should be your promotional model staffing agency!
PUSH Las Vegas Location


Although we are based in Las Vegas, we are a national event staffing company that is defined by its’ strong network of people.  We have an outstanding team of Program Managers, Booking Agents, Recruiters, Event Planners and more, ready to go to work for you. Our database of promotional models and talent is the largest in North America and our experienced Field Teams are the most experienced in the industry with thousands of hours of producing events under our belt. With our dedicated staff spread across North America, we offer local experience and individual attention of a local boutique agency, but with all of the benefits and advantages of a large organization.

PUSH Technology


Managing and tracking events is as important to us as it is to our customers. As a PUSH client, you are in control your event through access to our state-of-the-art user console.  You can review upcoming events, view applicant profiles and select your event staff, set up online training, upload tests, create custom event recaps and much more. Our proprietary software can track the effectiveness of each campaign with new features added regularly to provide you with the most advanced event management tools in the industry.  

Promotional Modeling Experience


After more than a decade in the business, we have pretty much seen and done it all in the event staffing and promotional marketing industry.   We make sure to learn, grow and apply our experience to make continuous improvements in how we run our business and how we work for you.  You will see firsthand how our experience allows us to stand out from our competitors and deliver a seamless staffing experience for you, our client.

PUSh Talent Database


PUSH easily has the largest database of any company in North America, and more people equals far more options for a precise talent fit for your event or campaign. In fact, in 2016 our database count topped 100,000 promotional models, event staff members, field managers, promotional models, brand ambassadors and more, all ready to work for you. Our intensive recruiting efforts including SEO and ongoing pay-per-click campaigns drive up to 250 talent applicants to our website every single day! There’s no market too big or too small for us to staff your events. Click OUR TALENT to see a small sample of what we have to offer.

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Social Integration


PUSH utilizes several proprietary technology tools to help our talent share viral content based around the events they are booked on and the clients/brands for which they are working. Our proprietary PUSH Talent Tracker mobile app includes a one-of-kind module that talent can stream organic messages and images of your campaign or event to their personal Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, organically exposing your brand and products or services to thousands of people. This is just another benefit and a value-added bonus when you choose PUSH that no other agency offers.  Exposure across numerous social media accounts and networks, back-links for additional traffic, and more. PUSH can help find and engage your target demographic before, during and after the assignment!

5 Million Liability Insurance


We take client protection seriously.  And because we do, PUSH carries a five (5) million dollar comprehensive general liability insurance policy that protects you on every event, no matter how large or small. Because the unexpected can happen, we make sure you will have the peace of mind that a comprehensive liability policy will bring, and you will have it on every event you book through PUSH. Included in our agency fee, upon request, PUSH will add your organization to our policy as an “additional insured” for the length of your assignment, event or campaign. We’re committed to ensuring you have full protection in the unlikely case of any unforeseen circumstance or unfortunate event.

Data Capturing


We built our very own cutting-edge technology that allows you to easily collect and analyze valuable consumer information. Track impressions, capture data and gather insightful feedback from guests or attendees.  Our data capture solutions will allow you to collect personal data, conduct surveys and generally engage customers through branded interactive promotional digital campaigns.  All of our activations require our staff to complete a recap form that can track any necessary information or feedback.  All of this data can also be exported to track aggregate trends, giving you a powerful tool for measuring event or campaign ROI.  For a more detailed description of our Data Capturing technology and capabilities, please REACH OUT to us now.

Training and Testing Module


Training your talent on a small or large scale has never been more seamless, thanks to our proprietary in-house training process.  We can write, produce and edit videos that talent views and studies prior to being confirmed for assignments.  Our testing modules also ensure that they are proficient in the required information to carry out the assignment successfully.  We make sure that your chosen talent will represent your brand and your product(s) extremely well as they interact with your consumers.  Ask us for more information on our advanced and proprietary training and testing tools, just another reason why PUSH stands apart from the pack!

Still Not Convinced?  Read On.

Event Concept and Execution


Want to know one of the BIGGEST differences between PUSH and other agencies?  While other agencies typically can only provide you a staff, we can assist with conceptualizing and executing an actual event.  You see, we are trained marketers and we understand how to reach and engage your target market far better than most other staffing and even many other marketing companies.  So go ahead, test us.  We know we’re different, and we’ll be more than happy to show you.

Our Commitment To Client Excellence


We love what we do.  We really, really do.  And because of that, we are deeply committed to our people, our business and our clients.  We strive to be the best in the business with an open door 24/7/365 and a “can do” attitude about virtually anything you can throw at us.  We work with only the brightest, most professional individuals and we take numerous steps to enroll and train the best talent you will find anywhere.  We know that we are the best at what we do, and once you work with us, you will see why hundreds of other clients would agree with that statement.  Give us a chance to  show you our skills, or talent and our professionalism, and we’re sure you will want to be a client for life.  

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